Friday, November 4, 2016

Why Your Family Needs a Whirlpool Double Drawer Refrigerator

Your fridge space is in high demand & it’s the heart of your home. You need all the flexibility you need so you can keep your family’s food organized, visible, and ready to eat. This 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree a perfect fit for your busy home.

A Place for Everything
Whirlpool Double Drawer Refrigerators feature the PerfectPlaces system which has nine storage zones to help you make the most of your fridge space. There are many space-saving features like adjustable gallon door bins, tuck-shelf and small items bin help accommodate items of every size. Storage solutions like the triple crisper, triple-tier freezer, and thaw setting help keep your food at optimum temperatures so they always taste great.

Versatile Space
Promote better organization in your fridge with two new self-closing, refrigerated drawers. With plenty of temperature options to offer precise climate control, the FreshFlow Produce Preserver technology will make sure your produce is always fresh. The StoreRight system is an advanced cooling technology that senses conditions in your fridge and freezer – it will automatically adapt to the umidity levels and help keep food fresh while reducing freezer burn. 
Other Features to Love
If you’re not convinced yet, here are some other features to love about the Whirlpool Double Drawer Refrigerator.
·         Never run out of ice again - The dual icemaker makes more than double the ice compared to all other Whirlpool French Door refrigerators.
·         EasyView System – always know what’s in your fridge with panoramic LED lighting
·         Thaw Setting -   thaw frozen food at the right temperature away from all your other foods in the fridge
·         Small Items Bin – loose items won’t get lost in your fridge when you have a dedicated bin
·         Pizza Pocket – a specifically designed spot to store pizza boxes upright so they fit right in

Measured Fill – select the exact amount of filtered water you need & the dispenser will automatically shut off when complete 

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