Friday, August 5, 2016

Appliances For Your College Dorm

By Pocatello Electric

Starting college can be quite scary, since most students wind up out of state. Having said that, rather than feeling like you’re always waking up in a strange place, try to create a home away from home. Your dorm may not be as big as your home, but you can definitely manage to make a room feel homey and transform it into a functional bedroom, living room & study. If you have the typical 100 square feet to play with, you should select multifunctional pieces for your space. By selecting these pieces, you can save room for other little perks!

The Compact Refrigerator:
A compact refrigerator is a great solution to keeping your beverages and snacks fresh. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your space and budget! Get your mini refrigerator and you’ll feel like you never left home!

The Microwave Oven:
Another convenient appliance is a microwave oven. Today’s microwave ovens are quite multifunctional, as they can do more than just reheat your food! By getting a microwave for your dorm, you and your roommate can benefit from reheating your food if you get distracted with studying, make some popcorn if you decide to watch a movie or even cook certain foods! It really can prove to be quite useful! Microwaves come in a variety of sizes, colors and budgets. In fact, the ultimate buy would include a convection oven, toaster oven, broiler and microwave oven all in one. Yes, they do exist. You surely will appreciate having one!

Now that you’re all set with your multifunctional furniture pieces and your convenient gadgets, you can begin your academic year with peace of mind. Good luck!

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