Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dinner for Two on Valentine's Day

By Pocatello Electric

Are you racking your brain for ideas to impress your significant other? Stop fretting over which gift to buy. Besides, flowers and chocolate are a little cliché. Instead, cooking a romantic dinner for two is not only a nice gesture that will impress your partner, but it`s an opportunity to spend quality time together. A nice home-cooked meal and a beautiful table setting go a long way! Let`s take a look at how to successfully whip up an enjoyable meal.

You got this: First and foremost, the way into someone`s heart is through their stomach. That being said, you`re definitely on the right track. So pick your allergy-free menu that says ``I take notice to your favorite foods``. To keep the element of surprise, you might want to get a recipe that has a fancy spin to it. 

Create a romantic atmosphere:  There is no need for expensive décor. You can set the mood with simple dim lighting and scented candles. A romantic playlist will also give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you`re looking for.

Be prepared: Get all of your ducks in a row. In other words, being organized helps you prepare calmly and will increase your chances of doing things right. Although effort speaks volume, you don`t want to eat something that`s charred – not very appetizing. In fact, having a helpful sidekick, the ``warming drawer`` will help you keep your food warm while you serve your first course. Those ranges are pretty awesome.

Don`t mess up the dessert: Don`t let anyone tell you that you can take it easy with dessert. That`s a lie from the pit of hell! You have already failed miserably if you plan to serve a box of chocolate.  Bottom line- make it count. It`s a night to indulge.

If you managed to follow all of these steps, you`ll be flying. Indulge responsibly. Happy Valentine`s Day!

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