Friday, November 6, 2015

Does Your Range Make The Thanksgiving Checklist?


Hosting Thanksgiving can get a wee bit overwhelming. The goal is to breeze through the day, while impressing your guests with the spotlight of the dinner table – the turkey. Ladies & gentlemen, we are in the middle of a countdown to the largest cooking day of the year. The question is, are you ready and does yourrange make the checklist? If your goal is to emulate the blessings of an abundant harvest, then you should consider the ideal range to help you multitask. Here are some of our recommendations:

Perhaps the most convenient range to accommodate multitaskers is an electric double oven range. If you are looking for this convenience on a budget, why not consider the Whirlpool 6.7 total cu ft. double oven electric range with true convection cooking? This range will permit you to bake more quickly than its traditional counterpart and seal in flavor with convection cooking. You`ll love this Whirlpool range for its AccuBake Temperature Management System, True Convection Cooking (lower oven only) and also for its 10`` Rapid Boil element, to accommodate your favorite 10`` pots and pans. Not to mention, the double oven can be used simultaneously to cook at different temperatures. The lower oven is slightly larger and is the perfect alternative for hosting. There you have it…just imagine your turkey sealing in flavor and juices with the lower oven. If this nifty beauty is within your budget, you may want to check out its other features and specifications. 

Are you a foodie and experienced cook with a deeper pocket? Then why not consider The Jenn-Air Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with Griddle and Multimode Convection for this Thanksgiving? This large commercial style range delivers the precision of gas with the consistent heat of electric. The stacked burners give you the power for high-heat cooking and the double oven has six different convection cooking modes that maintain superbly consistent results! Last, this looker has a durable chrome surface that is easily cleaned to maintain it beautiful appearance. You definitely won`t regret this purchase. The turkey will melt in your mouth, making you wonder: ``What kind of sorcery is this?``.

The choice is yours. These are two great options to make your life easier this Thanksgiving, so you too can sit back and enjoy the bountiful harvest.

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