Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips To Optimize Your Laundry Room

by Pocatello Electric

 Shelves + laundry baskets: 
As good for clean clothing as for the dirty ones, multiple baskets are so useful in a laundry room. Sometimes, the only problem is space. A simple way to solve this dilemma is with shelves! Installing shelves is fast and easy. You can put them under the washer and dryer or on the sides if you have enough space. Then, identify each basket with how you want to separate your loads; blacks, whites, clean stuff, etc.

Clothes line across the room: 
When the sun is gone and rain is all over the city, an outside clothes line is not very useful. Solve the problem with an inside one! Under the machines or close to the window are perfect spots. This is an easy, economical and ecological way to dry clothes inside the house, without a dryer.

"Lost & found" board
Isn't it frustrating when you lose socks in the dryer and never see them again? A simple solution is to make a dating place for socks! Take a cork board, pins and a little space on the wall and there it is. To make sure everyone in the house understand this new tool, identify it with an original but clear name like Lost & Found; Clean, Single and looking for mate, etc. Be creative! 

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