Thursday, February 26, 2015

Produce Storage Tips

by Pocatello Electric

We all know that most of the veggies and fruits can be stored in the freezer to be kept longer but there are other ways to conserve them. Here are some tips on how to properly store your fruits and vegetables.

1. Lettuce and greens: Keep them fresh and crispy. Wash them in cold water before putting them in an opened plastic bag with a towel paper into the fridge.

2. Carrots, celery and peppers: Cut off the top or remove the green head (peppers) and put them in a closed plastic bag. It will keep the freshness and maintain the nutritional value. Celery and carrots can also be stored in a closed plastic container full of water.

3. Fresh herbs: This time we need the freezer. Use a tray to make ice cubes and put your herbs in it. Add some olive oil into all the little holes.Then put it to the freezer and add those cubes to your recipes when needed!

4. Bananas and avocados: Keep them on the countertop when they have not been cut. When they are halved, wrap them and straight to the fridge they go. Wrap the banana in foil, whereas the avocado should be wrapped in plastic.

5. Potatoes and onions: The best place is the dark pantry to avoid oxidization when they have not been cut. Once they are halved, your can put them in a sealed plastic bag into the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a few days.

Did you know?
You can freeze vegetables and fruits, but you can also freeze yogurts and milk! You must have noticed that the milk turn into a yellow-beige when defrosted. This is perfectly normal and due to the fat content (if you have skimmed milk, it should not change color).

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